sometimes it's just about how much someone care for u and make an effort for u...not talking about money or expensive presents  but i talk about how hard someone try to make a person happy :)
จริงๆแล้ว ความพยายามของใครสักคนที่อยากทำให้เรามีความสุขนั้นแหละ มีค่ามากกว่าอะไรทั้งหมด รวมไปถึงความทรงจำดีๆทั้งในอดีตและปัจจุบัน ;D
Endless thank to my mom, my grandma, my love and my bestfriend.
No other presents in the whole world i would want more.
( i feel so old now >.<  hmm what to do when birthday comes back every year, we all have to accept tht we gain another year OLD. >.<)
me and you, we are red couple

walking in the evening ...and i couldn't help myself taking this picture when the sun is so beautiful...
Taken at small port near Clark Quay...what a perfect lighting in a fine evening with my loved-one :)
I love this pic of Georgetown..so calm..so quiet...i really felt like i had to live the moment :)
coffee is running inside me like my own blood.....
Will stop it here for now...
Might be back for one last time or might never come back anymore...